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Don Upton started the business back in 1983. He operated the business with unparalleled integrity. His philosophy has always been to give fair prices and take care of the customer. If a customer is happy, they will tell others about you. This philosophy helped make Upton Heating and Air Conditioning a successful company for 30 years. At 85 years young Don finally went into retirement and turned over the reins to Matthew Hegenbart in 2014. Don said in the 30 years he was in business he never met anyone who he would trust with his customers until he met Matt.

Matt has been in the heating and air business since 1997. He has vast experience in both residential and commercial HVAC. His experience working in commercial clean rooms such as Dell Computers, Texas Instruments, Motorola and other high-tech companies led him to Honeywell where he was at the forefront of home connectivity technology as a liaison with startups at the very first trials. With Honeywell, Matt set up load shedding pilot programs for utility companies across the country to help control energy demand during peak use periods. After the explosion of internet and wireless technology the industry became what it is today. Matt is an expert in the most up-to-date commercial controls and variable refrigerant flow systems and brings that knowledge to the ever-evolving home services residential and commercial market.

Since 2014 Upton Air has grown and continues to expand. Our mission is to provide trade services with love and care. We love our customers, employees and business and for us – home services is truly where our heart is. Our values guide us in following this mission in our day to day operations.


  • Sustainable – our work strives to improve conditions for human health
  • Efficient – our work creates great customer experiences
  • Thoughtful – customer comfort is a top priority
  • Citizen – we are active community members and participants
  • Positive – we strive to inspire with our words
  • Curious – we are always learning and humble

Our mission and values inform our culture and philosophy and move us toward our vision. We strive to provide fair and equitable pay, paid vacation, paid holidays, comprehensive health care coverage, retirement benefits, learning and growth opportunities for all employees while creating a culture of inclusiveness. We believe happy employees build better communities. Through our Skills to Trade™ skills-building initiative we provide apprenticeship training to local students transitioning into the trades profession.

If our success is judged by happy customers, employees and a prosperous business, then we are very successful indeed. According to our customers who have been with Upton since the beginning Don couldn’t have made a better choice. You can breathe easy knowing that with Upton, you are getting not only what you pay for — you are getting a company that stands behind you and has your back. We are there to help keep you comfortable in your home, healthy from the clean air and secure in your mind knowing we are on your team. We look forward to serving you in your home and creating a customer for life.

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Upton Air

Breathe Easy


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