Keep Your Home Secure

Do you live in an area with inclement weather? Or do you want to have a backup in case of local or even citywide disaster? You can never be too safe, and Upton recognizes that you want to protect your family—we understand, because we feel the same way!

Generators are a great way to combat the unknown. A standby home generator is a permanent fixture to your home, and as soon as it detects a power outage, it kicks online, delivering your home the electricity you need to power your life.

These generators come in different sizes, depending on your needs. If you only need to keep the necessities powered on—like your refrigerator—a smaller generator is perfect for you. We do offer installation on larger units, as well, which are capable of powering an entire home as needed. These generators can run for an extended period, unlike the less efficient portable generators, and have no need of being hooked up each time you want to use them.

A generator is the best way to make sure you’re covered in case of a bad storm or local grid outage. Upton is the best way to determine what generator you need and get it installed at the fair price you deserve—so that the money you save can go toward more supplies, or whatever you need.