Heat Pumps

You may be familiar with traditional HVAC systems that rely on gas furnaces, baseboard heat, boilers and split system air conditioners to heat and cool your home. However, new technology has introduced the heat pump as an advanced alternative that provides a long list of benefits over typical systems. If you need to update or replace your HVAC system, you might want to consider installing a heat pump.

What is a Heat Pump

Essentially, a heat pump uses mechanical energy to remove heat from the air. If your home needs to be heated, the pump will feed the warm air indoors. When your home needs air conditioning, the pump will send the warm air outside to help keep your interior cool. This approach provides a more efficient and environmentally friendly HVAC solution because there is no need for fossil fuels. Heat pumps are effective enough to provide heating and cooling even in places that experience extreme temperatures. 

Benefits of a  HVAC Heat Pump

Heat pumps provide an incredibly efficient way to produce energy. In fact, a heat pump can produce up to 3 times more energy than it consumes. That translates into lower energy bills, significant savings over time and a more environmentally friendly system.

HVAC heat pump systems are also easier to maintain and repair. Since all your heating and cooling needs are being met by a single system, it is easier to diagnose problems and make repairs. 

Different Types of Heat Pumps

  • Hydronic Heat Pumps
    • Hydronic heat pumps work by absorbing energy from the air and using it to heat and cool the home. These efficient systems don’t rely on fossil fuels, which creates a more efficient and environmentally friendly HVAC solution. Learn more.
  • Water Heater Heat Pumps
    • Instead of generating heat, a water heater heat pump works by using electricity to transfer heat between locations. Learn more.
  • Split System Heat Pumps
    • Split system heat pumps utilize an outdoor compressor and indoor air handling unit to manage indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs. Learn more.
  • Mini-Split Heat Pumps
    • If you need to heat and cool smaller areas or create different zones in the home, a mini-split system provides an incredible flexible solution for customized temperatures. Learn more.

No matter what type of heat pump you choose, you will experience a more efficient HVAC system that supports the environment while also reducing utility costs. Contact that experts at Upton Air today to learn more about your options and which HVAC heat pump solution is best for your home and your budget.