Indoor Air Quality

Equally important to your temperature is your air quality. After all, you spend your day breathing that air, right? The better the air, the better you feel. Upton will be happy to take care of your air quality so that we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Your HVAC system employs air filters to do just that: filter particles from the air that circulates throughout your home. You want a quality filter because it will remove more particles, but filters only go so far. The rest is where Upton’s air quality systems come in.

Our filtration systems clean your breathable air as well as help maintain the HVAC system’s efficiency itself. The air quality systems we offer at Upton not only make your air fresher to breathe, but can also reduce the risk of germs and allergens by filtering them out.

Don’t hold your breath for a better deal! Let Upton show you the difference that you can literally feel in every breath you take.