HVAC Service Pricing

The worst part of any HVAC service experience is the bill—especially when you pay more for repairs that take longer than expected. Upton Air strives to do right by our customers, and that means fair pricing. All of our services have a standard time to complete. Meaning you never overpay for any hvac service task.

We also come prepared, with vehicles stocked with parts for the most common repairs. This allows us to provide fair prices and efficient service – so you can breathe easy and get back to relaxing quickly! If your repair requires a more obscure part, your technician will be able to let you know upfront, before any repair is performed, and make a part run on your behalf. 

Our flat rate pricing has a pre-built time to complete the repair task. Based on this our system automatically calculates our labor burden and burden rate plus the average part cost. In many cases, this efficiency results in lower cost.

And we never charge a service call when you purchase a repair service. With Upton, you know exactly what it costs to do business, because we want you to trust our honesty as well as our work. That’s the Upton promise.

That’s right: with Upton, you pay nothing for a service call when we perform a service. Why should you be charged twice for the same job? If we’re coming to fix your HVAC systems, you only pay the flat rate for service performed.

What goes into the Upton promise? A guarantee of fair pricing, but also, we work hard to bring you the best rates, the highest quality work, and the most qualified technicians.

Contact Upton Air for complete details on our flat rate service pricing, and be amazed at how much relief a little clarity can bring. 

Our parts are obtained at the average prices anyone, even you, our valued customer, can purchase from licensed parts suppliers. We want you to feel guaranteed that you’re getting the best value from your HVAC company, when that company is Upton Air. 

If you’re a member of our Secure Comfort Club, you’ll also receive exclusive discounts! You won’t pay a diagnostic fee ever and you’ll gain an additional discount on services (10% off). You can always count on Upton to get the job done right, without charging you overpriced labor and parts. 

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You can trust the service you are getting with Upton Air. That’s the Upton promise. 

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