Water Heaters

Hot water is a blessing that few would do without. You need it for showers, baths, and washing your dishes. What is more refreshing in the morning? But home water heaters lose efficiency over time. Many home water heaters are old and struggle to keep up with the demands of modern life.

Does your hot water run out after only a short shower? Maybe it goes from lukewarm to burning hot with only a slight change on the knob, giving you no middle ground for comfort. These things, as well as more catastrophic issues like leakage, are signs of an aging and failing water heater. It might be time for you to consider upgrading, and if you do, the decision is certainly an important one.

That’s where Upton Air comes in. We’ll help you figure out what size and type of water heater you need so that you can get your water steaming hot the way you want it.

There are some great options for water heaters that depend on what you need. Here are a few important things to consider:

  • To Tank or Not to Tank: Tankless water heaters are popular with new homes, and many people are installing them in their older homes, as well. These units operate by heating the water as it’s being sent to your faucets, rather than keeping a standby of hot water ready for use. Tankless heaters ultimately save energy (and money), but they can be costly in both time and money up front.
  • Energy Efficiency: Be sure to pay close attention to the efficiency ratings of any tank water heaters you might install in your home. While larger tanks do provide more hot water, they also add to your energy bills, so you want to figure out exactly what you need.
  • Size Matters: Upton’s experts will help you plan for the size of the tank you will ultimately need, if you choose to go with a tank option. Identifying how much hot water you use at peak demand times will help us choose the right tank size option for you, and from there installation is a breeze.

We’ll examine your home and discuss your needs with you, so we can make sure you get exactly the right hot water solution for your home. Let’s take a look at some of these options in greater detail.

Fuel Options

Water heaters need fuel in order to actually heat the water. Each of the fuel sources—electricity, gas, oil—come with advantages and disadvantages. One aspect that can be either of those things is cost. Different types of water heaters cost different amounts, which is why it’s important to plan for one that will fit your budget as well as your home’s hot water needs.

Normal water heater tanks keep a reserve of water heated throughout the day. You do pay for this as part of the heater’s costs (usually as part of whatever utility expense the fuel source falls within). This is nice because you have hot water on demand, at least until the tank’s supply runs out. It can take a long time to refill and reheat afterward, as we’ve all known, desperately waiting for the hot water to come back after the dishwasher ran so that we can have a nice hot shower.

Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, heat the water as needed. These units consist of heating elements that heat the water on its way to the faucet, whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen sink, or washing machine. The advantage here is that you can enjoy hot water any time, without having the cost of heating a full tank, as well as saving the space a bulky water tank requires.

Tankless water heaters are not as efficient at providing hot water to multiple sources at once, however, which may be something to consider if your home uses hot water in more than one shower or bath at a time.

Heat to Meet Needs

Upton’s technicians will gladly help you figure out how much hot water you will need at your peak usage times so we can determine the right size of a water heater for you (if you go with a tank option). The process is simple, but you may not have thought about it much before. How much hot water does your home use at the peak usage times? Do you have multiple showers running? A dishwasher cleaning and bathtub filling at the same time?

Once you know how much hot water you use, you will want to get a tank that accommodates that and a little extra, just in case you find you suddenly need to scrub last night’s lasagna pan! What you don’t want is to just get a bigger tank because it holds more; while this is true, you’re paying to keep that water hot, and you won’t ever be using it all. There’s no sense costing yourself more when you’re not even using it.

Modern water heaters pay special attention to energy efficiency. The heaters are rated on their efficiency, so be sure to choose a model with a higher rating to save you money in the long run. Upton Air’s technicians can help you find that perfect price point between efficiency and cost so that you’re never without hot water—or savings!

Proper Maintenance Plan

As with all of the HVAC equipment that Upton installs, water heaters are vital to a certain quality of life. If a water heater starts to deteriorate, you’ll notice less hot water and greater cost just to enjoy the basic necessity of hot water. You can prevent this deterioration with regular maintenance and proper installation, as well as a few practices we will outline.

The quality of the installation will also impact your water heater’s long-term health. Would you want an unqualified mechanic putting an engine in your car? The same thing applies here: if you want to enjoy hot water without landing yourself in hot water with a host of expensive technical issues, you need the job done right. That’s where Upton comes in. Our technicians are the most qualified and use top-of-the-line equipment. We treat you like we treat our own families. If we would want to enjoy hot water problem-free at home, we want that same thing for you. It’s the Upton promise.

Upton technicians can install your new water heater in only a few hours. We’ll walk you through the changes you can expect, and with our ClearView Pricing, you’ll never be surprised by hidden fees, charges, or unexpected “extras.” While normally the installation only takes a few hours, remember that Upton values quality over quantity. If we have to stay longer than anticipated, you won’t be charged any more, because our promise to you is to get the job done right every time.

The process can be an involved one, and seem like more drastic work to your home than it really is due to the bulk of the water heater units. Do keep in mind that it’s important for water heaters to be installed correctly, lest we risk fire and water damage, so we take every precaution. It’s not just a job, it’s a home, and people like us live there. Our customers, our fellow residents of the Sacramento area, are our family at Upton, and we put your safety and happiness at the top of our priorities.

Tankless, but not Thankless!

Another important note is that tankless water heaters can take longer to install. This isn’t simply removing the old water heater tank and installing a new one in its place; installing a tankless heater means replacing the old equipment with a completely new type.

Upton is qualified and certainly happy to put a tankless heater in your home, but it does bear additional considerations. Venting, electrical supply, fixing or replacing connections, all may be part of the job. While it’s a good thing to be able to enjoy, and will save you money and space in the long run, tankless water heaters typically do involve a little more up-front work.

Upton will examine your home and tell you exactly what you will need to enjoy your tankless hot water heater, so you can make an informed decision. Our ClearView Pricing makes sure that you know exactly what it’d cost, and we’ll tell you what you could expect to save with a tankless heater, as well.

Upton’s promise to you is that you always have the complete picture to make an informed decision. You’ll get the best value whatever you decide.

Value You Can See. A Company You Can Trust. That’s the Upton Promise.

Upton Air is here to give you the value that you deserve. That means transparent pricing, top-notch work, and friendly professionalism. We’re here to serve you, our dear customer, and we want you to have everything you need to make a decision, and also to live comfortably knowing that you’ve had the work done by the best.

If you want to upgrade your water heater, contact us and let Upton deliver the steaming hot water you need with an upgrade not just to your home, but also your quality of life.

We’re happy to serve you!